Annual General Meeting 2022 - Virtual

Hello fellow CAET members,


I have an unfortunate announcement that the CAET board has decided to cancel the CAET conference in Montreal this year due to low registration. All of those who have registered for the event will have their money refunded. If those planning on attending the conference still wish to attend the CNSF Congress in Montreal, don’t hesitate to contact me at I have contacted CNSF, and they are happy to have EEG technologists at their congress.


This year’s AGM will be held virtually again via Zoom in early July, and we’ll update you soon with a date and time.


A lot of disappointment comes with this decision, and many factors lead to this outcome. We can have a discussion about them during the virtual AGM this year.  


My deepest apologies that we could not host a successful conference this year. I look forward to seeing you all next year in Banff!


Tim Woodford

CAET President


Virtual AGM info:

The AGM will be held virtually over Zoom this year in July. A specific time and date will be updated soon.