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Click on the link to be directed to the personal Liability page created just for CAET members.


You will be directed to PLI information packages offered.


When you decide on the package you want simply click to purchase!


Insurance is through Berkley Insurance Company and neither CAET nor OAMRS will ever be connected to your credit card payment.  We are simply your “LINK to this benefit!


PLI runs for a calendar year. BUT…..If you purchase from now until January, 2019 and beyond, you will be insured from day of purchase until Dec 31, 2019, that’s an entire month free if you book now! This  “bonus” month is available one time only – NOW!


This benefit is available to CAET members. You will be asked on the insurance form if you are in fact a CAET member. As with any type of insurance, if ever you required the need of PLI, an enquiry will require proof of your paid up membership to validate the insurance policy.

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