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Welcome to our new website! If you are a current member click "Members Area" and create a new account free of charge.

Full Membership- One year

  • Ability to apply for grants or educational funding through CAET

  • Access to the members only section of the CAET website which contains the Channels newsletter, CAET constitution and by-laws, financial statements, AGM minutes, minimum technical standards, Canadian competency profile for EEG, and a draft training syllabus

  • Access to discounted rates for the annual CAET Annual General Meeting and Continuing Education Seminar

  • Continuous professional support and leadership from the CAET executive and access to the CAET members forum

PLEASE NOTE: Copy of National Registration Certificate must be sent to CAET within one month of registration otherwise membership will be reset to associate status

Associate Member - One year

  • For those who wish to enjoy the benefits of CAET membership but do not possess a National Registration Certificate

  • Associate membership allows those who do not possess a CBRET registration access to the resources of a full CAET membership, but will not have voting privileges.

Paying By Cheque in Mail or E-Transfer

For members wishing to still pay by cheque in the mail or e-transfer, please do so by printing out the document below or e-mailing a copy to

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