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Who We Are The Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists (CAET) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the science, knowledge, technology and technical standards of electroneurophysiology in Canada.
What We Do Electroneurophysiology (ENP) technologists use sensitive electronic diagnostic equipment to record and evaluate the electrical activity of patients' central and peripheral nervous systems to assist physicians in diagnosing diseases, injuries and abnormalities.
CAET - Our Organization CAET is made up of many volunteers whose aim is to promote and improve the field of Electroneurophysiology.

Announcements & News

2016 CAET Technical Standards

Technical Standards - Routine Adult

Technical Standards - Routine Pediatric

Technical Standards - Neonatal

Technical Standards - ECS

CAET 2016 – Quebec City – Success!        Next Stop – Victoria 2017!


2016 CAET Annual General Meeting & Continuing Education Seminar

Sometimes good things come in small packages!

Our 2016 CAET AGM and Continuing Education Seminar was a small meeting group but a big success! The speaker line-up was very good and we extend a big thank you to all those that presented. The group interaction was great and I think everyone in attendance can say they learned something new.

Our “fun night” was truly fun and I think will be remembered by those who came along on the adventure.

Next years’ meeting will be held in Victoria, B.C. CAET is looking forward to BCSET hosting us for a 4-day conference from June 20th through June 23rd.

2017 promises to have a much larger meeting and information should start to be posted on this website at the end of this year or soon after the start of 2017.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

Tech/Doctor Tag-Team Presentation:

Kara Gillis &  Dr. Marcus Ng,

Nat Shampur and Dr. Martin Del Campo,

Sharon Carline and Dr. Jeffrey Jirsch

This is a new award approved at the 2016 meeting. The 6 participants will all be receiving a cheque for $50.00 as a thank you for being the first pairs to kick off what could be the coveted yearly title of CAET Tag Team Champions! As this is now going to be a formal Award, in 2017 and onwards, the winning team will share the $300.00 prize.

Albert and Ellen Grass Award: Sue Rahey

Silver Jubilee Award: Kara Gillis

Dan Campbell Award: Teona Bjork - Halifax

Founders Award: None eligible

Student Poster Award: None eligible

Bursary winner: None eligible

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