Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists, Inc.

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Who We Are The Canadian Association of Electroneurophysiology Technologists (CAET) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance and promote the science, knowledge, technology and technical standards of electroneurophysiology in Canada.
What We Do Electroneurophysiology (ENP) technologists use sensitive electronic diagnostic equipment to record and evaluate the electrical activity of patients' central and peripheral nervous systems to assist physicians in diagnosing diseases, injuries and abnormalities.
CAET - Our Organization CAET is made up of many volunteers whose aim is to promote and improve the field of Electroneurophysiology.

Announcements & News

2018 CAET AGM and Continuing Education Seminar

HOST: Maritimes Association of Neurophysiology Technologists - Teona Bjork

DATE: June 24-27

LOCATION: Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Details to Follow


CAET Board Update

Bruce Goddard is stepping down from the Board and is to be commended on his greater than quarter century of volunteering on so many boards, committees etc.

Our New CAET Team:

  • Joanne Nikkel – President
  • Tabrez Hussein- Vice-President and Website Coordinator
  • Sherida Somaru – Director
  • Sara Primrose – Secretary/Registrar
  • Suzanne Lapalme – Treasurer
  • Isabelle Sarazin – News Letter Editor


CAET Minimal Technical Standards

Technical Standards - Routine Adult

Technical Standards - Routine Pediatric
Technical Standards - Neonatal
Technical Standards - ECS

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Employment Opportunities

EEG Technologist, Windsor, Ontario

Electroneurophysiology Technologist, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Volunteer Opportunities

Nothing specific right now but opportunities are always available!

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